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  • "I just had my bi-annual dental cleaning at the Family Smile Dental Center. Every precaution was taken by the staff, hygienists and doctors to ensure patient and employee safety. I felt very comfortable getting my teeth cleaned. As always, the hygienists and doctor took the time and care necessary to thoroughly clean my teeth and make sure my teeth were healthy. I have been a patient since 2006 and I have never had a bad experience at this office. During the pandemic, it is still crucial to maintain your health and well-being and regular care of teeth and mouth are an important part of that. The doctor and staff definitely provided the care I needed to stay healthy during a time of a health crisis. Thank you!""
  • "I absolutely love this dental center! I have been three times so far and each time gets better and better! Yes I am talking about dental visits! The office is very clean and they practice excellent safety measures due to covid19. I saw Mr Aniya for my initial visit and it was a joy. My next 2 visits, I was seen by his wife Mrs Adachi and she is the best. I love them both! They will let you know everything they are going to do before it happens. I love that. The dental asst Patricia is my fav. Everyone is so sweet and nice and caring there. I am super happy I found this dental center."
    Tuesday J.
  • "I was very impressed with my visit. The way the dental center dealt with me with the pandemic going on was excellent. At no time did I feel I was in any danger of contracting anything."
    Terry S.
  • "I had to have prep work for a crown, and the affected tooth was very hard to numb. As usual, Dr. Adachi was extremely kind and patient, and managed to numb and treat it. The office is very calm and they practice all precautions possible against covid-19"
  • "The staff did a great job in taking safety measurements, by keeping the office clean for the patients during covid- 19 pandemic"
    Mirvat H.
  • "Excellent services. The staff very Professional and they follow COVID-19 protocol in the office."
    Carmen D.
  • "The office used safety measures against covid19 which I liked very much and most importantly the people were very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Thank you."
  • "In spite the pandemic , my dental experience was rewarding as always. Clean sanitized and enjoyable. Thank you for all that you do. You are the best. God bless"
    Patricia T.
  • "Very friendly, courteous, and professional. Excellent COVID-type precautions, very conscientious."
    Aaron B.
  • "It was a great experience. The dental hygienist was very gentle cleaning my teeth and made me feel safe. The office is following all the CDC protocols. The staff is respectful and kind and makes you feel welcome."
    Mery R.
  • "Dr. Adachi and her staff made sure that their office and process were safe during my appointment."
  • "All the staff there are all so nice and very helpful. The office is very clean and well kept in this time of Covid 19 living."
    Maryjane W.
  • "Excellent health care. Follow all CDC guide lines."
    Padma G.
  • "Dr. Aniya is always very professional, friendly and has a great way of explain what work he is doing. I never feel like the staff is trying to push unnecessary work on me and they are always very accommodating in scheduling appointments"
    jeffreys, GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "Great and friendly service!"
    editap, GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "Excellent care as always, Thanks Dr. Adachi"
    johna, CLARKSBURG, MD
  • "Great treatment especially since I have other medical issues..I would go again in a heartbeat I just hope I can go again asap. Everyone tries to minimize my pain and make things as good as possible."
    howardr, GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "Very impressed with dentist and all staff members...Very friendly and excellent professionals...Thanks!!!"
    michaelc, GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "As always the service is excellent and coming from someone who is terrified when it comes to getting dental work done it says alot. Been coming here for a few years now and would not even think of going else where. The facility is clean and spotless and they make sure that you are well taken care off in terms comfort and fully understanding what the process entails; would recommend to anyone seeking a competent dental office."
    garvinw, GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "It was a very relaxed environment. I would highly recommend Dr Aniya to any of my freinds!!"
    georged, GERMANTOWN, MD (Oct 9, 2013)
  • "Excellent dental practice. Very short wait in waiting room, pleasant and courteous staff."
    marianol, GERMANTOWN, MD (Oct 2, 2013)
  • "My appointment started on time. Everyone was very friendly and pleasant to work with. The procedure was done completely pain-free and the results look wonderful."
    henryw, CLARKSBURG, MD (Sep 16, 2013)
  • "Family Smile Dental always provides exceptional service. After cracking a tooth, the staff was able to give me an appointment the next day. Dr. Aniya repaired my tooth efficiently and it looks brand new! Everyone in the office is professional, courteous, kind, and happy!"
    sarat, FREDERICK, MD (Sep 6, 2013)
  • "I really enjoy the service that Family Smile Dental Center gives me everytime I go to the dentist. I also like the dental goody bag that I'm given on my way out the door. The goody bag is great for vacations and business trips."
    johnd, BOYDS, MD (Jul 25, 2013)
  • "My Experience was once again a excellent one. My Dentist was professional , kind, caring and kept me aware of everything that was going on. I was very comfortable with her style and approach taken to my treatment plan. I will recommend her in a heartbeat."
    chalniciad, GERMANTOWN, MD (Jul 19, 2013)
  • "Me and my wife moved to this area year recently and we found this dental clinic online. Lucky find!! Good clinic, well organized and very welcoming. Ekta Laheri is our dentist and she is very sweet, reassuring, compassionate and understanding. She is very skilled, detailed, patient and precise in what she does and we have learned to trust her totally."
    ravim, CLARKSBURG, MD (Jun 25, 2013)
  • "My appointment started on time. Very professional and friendly service from dentist and staff."
    Carolyn S., GERMANTOWN, MD
  • "I can't begin to rave enough about Dr. Aniya and his staff. They are all sweet, caring and very helpful!!!! I've found the perfect dentist and I'll never go anywhere else!!! I love them all and Dr. Aniya is so awesome!!!!!"
    Christina W., HAGERSTOWN, MD
  • "Dr. Aniya is very gentle, careful and has a lot of patience. His work is excellent and meticulous. No pain and no waiting either. His staff is great as well."
  • "I give Family Smile a full 5 stars because they are truly top class. From their customer service to the actual dental work that is performed, they work with you the patient to ensure that everything is ok. Coming from someone who has always had a fear of dentists; Family Smile has really put my mind at ease when it comes to having dental work performed."
    Garvin W.
  • "Yesterday was my first time to visit Family Smile Dental Center, and the experience was great!!! Although I had hard time finding it at first, because it was located up to a gym center; However, everyone works there are so NICE and I like them a lot!Especially the nice lady who works in the front desk( I believe her name was Jenny) and my doctor, Dr.Laheri~Although I hated the "shooting X-Ray part" because my mouth was too small for the equipment so it hurt! But my doctor, Dr. Laheri, was very professional, with patience and so kind~She is surely one of the best doctor I have ever met! Anyways, the overall experience so far is great, and I highly recommended this place~"
    Shan W.
  • "Well run and superb service."
    JAMES L.
  • "Very friendly staff!"
    Jesenia P.
  • "I have been going to Family Smile for sometime now, and that says alot for someone who is really scared of dentists.I even had my little girl going there before she migrated abroad. All in all a very friendly staff that ensures that your visit is not traumatic. As I said before Family Smile is a keeper in my books. Thanks guys."
    Garvin W.
  • "I highly recommend this office. Dr. Aniya did a very thorough examination of my mouth and explained everything. He did an excellent job. The doctors and staff are very professional and caring. The environment is very relaxing and I always find a parking space"
    Luis W.
  • "I dont know of many that enjoy a dentist experience in general. But I find the staff here extremely friendly and the service outstanding. They are accommodating and they seem to know what it feels like in the chair we sit in. In this regard they show care and concern"
    Robert R.
  • "The experience was unforgetable, I don't remember my last dentist experience because I went when I was really young so for me this was unforgetable. They did a really good job and found a tiny cavity so I was glad for that."
    Destine J.
  • "Excellent service is provided at this facility. They are quite honest n explains the need for treatment. They don't make u think sky is falling to scare u n then sell their service to you. It's been best service so far."
    Pushak L.
  • "Just wanted to let you know that I had a great experience at Family Smile Dental Center the other day. Great, honest service. Thanks!"
    Brian R.
  • "I absolutely LOVE this dentist. The staff is wonderful. They verify your appointment days before you go in. It is convenient and they are willing to work with you if scheduling is an issue. Dr. Erika is wonderful, my dentist although I have gone to her husband and he is awesome also. Very patient and kind. If you are afraid to go to a dentist or are looking for a dentist I would highly recommended this one!!"
    Tammy S.
  • "I was referred to Family Smile Dental Center by a friend of mine about 3 years ago and I love them. The entire staff is so professional and friendly. Dr. Adachi is one of the best dentists that I have been to. She makes going to the dentist fun. I would absolutely recommend them!"
    Stacy C.
  • "Keep Up the Good Work. At the Family Smile Dental Center, all is about Family. You do get in without smile and when you get out, your smile become alive forever. I love it."
    Jacob F.
  • "I will definattely recommend this clinic. very very nice and human treat... very professional, clean, modern and convenient place."
    Fredy A.
  • "I'd recommend Dr. Aniya to anyone looking for a great dentist. I never wait long in the waiting area. I had an emergency and I was seen right away. Not only does Dr. Aniya take great care of my teeth, he's also very personable and so is his staff."
  • "Despite how unpleasant treatment could be (because I've needed so much work) Dr. Aniya and his staff have always helped me be relaxed by being calm, caring and non-judgmental. In my past experience, the pain and discomfort of receiving treatment was never as bad as the poor attitude of the staff and doctor. I never feel like a burden at Family Smile. I always recommend this practice."
    Kimberly A, FREDERICK, MD
  • "Excellent! First, the location is great, parking is free and always available. I like that you can confirm appointments via text message and never fails. The atmosphere is very calming (I get nervous) but the background music makes me feel relaxed. The doctors are very friendly and experienced, I always get great advice from them; and learn something new in every visit. It's just great!"
  • "Their office was one of the quietest, most peaceful places I've ever visited. I was able to relax very easily. They always return my phone calls quickly. I always know that I'll get a prompt answer to my question. I'm very confident that my health is their top priority, and I know they would never recommend any sort of dental procedure that I didn't need. I trust them completely. They are so kind and caring, and they stay open way past their closing time to help anyone who needs them. They wouldn't deny anyone that needed help. I know I can always count on them. Not only did I find a parking spot right away, but I knew my car was safe because the spots were designated and close to the entrance."
    Reina V.

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